Choosing Your Rock

Brand As Opportunity for Your Business?

As a small boy on the rocky foreshore at Williamstown I was fascinated (not to mention frustrated) at the mystery of why only a few rocks were able to be skipped across the surface. 

It took me some time to realise it was not about force, or even the skill which eventually had to be acquired to do it consistently, but the optimum choice of the rock.

The learning was slow, but similar to when we distinguish balance on our first bike – a lesson never forgotten.

Fast-forward to todays’ very different business world and (extending the metaphor) it poses the question regarding your brand – how did you choose your “rock”? What was important, or like so many businesses – did it just happen? How did you choose yours? Does it really serve you and your prospects and clients?

The point I am making is that in a meaning saturated world that is being constantly reshaped through technology – getting your brand to work well is a huge benefit to gaining growth.

They all more or less work, however when they work well, as stones well thrown, they are remarkably better.

Through my career as a corporate and SME brand professional, I can readily attest to the level of difficulty or ease a brand adds to a project or campaign.

How can we help?

As a workshop leader, I often ask the question to pre-empt the real issue – does your brand work & more importantly, is it driving the growth of your business?

In this series of articles I will provide readers with a simple method of self-review. This opportunity to self reflect and consider – does it do its job with the market I am seeking? And – does it drive my growth strategy?

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