Setting the future for your business – defining purpose and aligning your people

 In this time of flux our greatest opportunity is to not settle for a default future – that is the one that you settle for if not chosen.  Our workshops and facilitation will provide leaders with the freedom and opportunity to  fully participate with staff in  forming your collective future. 


Choosing to grow means choosing a clear direction. We will work with you to create strategies and put in place planning to make them work. We can look at your resources and structure with regard to driving change.  Our Growth Agenda Workshop will help you and your company in making these first vital steps. We will assist and guide you in laying the foundations on which to build your succesful business. Our aim is to guide you in these early days.

Any business will benefit from a brand that invites and engages its prospects. The opposite is true for brands which don’t make sense or send messages that are confused. Worse still are those brands that staff don’t believe in. Our Identity Development Program is a great starting place to expand on the work already done in the Growth Agenda Workshop. We will work on making sure your brand communicates what you want it to!

A commonly held view is that culture cannot be changed. In our experience that is not so. Our People Development programs work to identify your current culture. Our aim is to help you understand the impact your culture has on your Growth Agenda. We can then determine what changes need to be made and start work on doing that. A process can then be put in place to enable your people to understand and drive the change needed.

About Adrian Jobson

Adrian Jobson is a Strategy & Culture professional. He partners with business leaders, owners and professionals who would like to take their brands and businesses to the next level. He has spent twenty years as a leader, consultant, coach and mentor. Adrian knows what it takes to achieve a great brand.

Adrian has a broad and deep experience in strategy development, customer service experience and brand identity. He has vast experience in the areas of communications and people engagement. His experience includes professional service firms, manufacturing and retail. He has also worked with online & offline businesses, export and product development. Adrian has extensive organisational consulting experience and qualifications. His brand experience extends to both agency and the corporate sector.

He is a professionally qualified business coach, mentor and also a Workshop Leader for Small Business Victoria.

Adrian holds a Masters in Business from RMIT, Grad Dip in Behavioural Coaching accredited facilitator Herrman Brain Thinking Preference and KPI Coach.

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